Kihlepa facts

Kihlepa is a wonderful village in Estonia, that is located in Pärnu County. Pärnu County is one of 15 in Estonia, a country that sits in Northen Europe.

Kihlepa itself can be found at 58°23′43″N 24°14′39″E and is around 62 meters above sea-level. The weather there is sunny.

The population of Kihlepa is around 159 though this was taken in 2011 so may be higher now. Or lower. There are also many many pigs living there who may be Estonian as well

Both the spoken and written language here is Estonian, or pig if you are a pig. But if you are a pig you probably are not able to read this. If you are a pig and are reading this, then you must be a very clever pig and you can probably speak pig, Estonian, English and maybe Latin?

If you got into a car and drove to Kihlepa, it would take 28 hours, or 441 hours if you used your walking legs. It is a long journey and you will surely regret it.

More about Kihlepa

Kihlepa’s people are great fun and mostly nice. They really like tennis and play as much as the weather and pigs will allow. People from Kihlepa greatly love the flower of the dandelion, however due to a clerical error, the town’s official flower is actually the chrysanthemum, which makes everyone quite sad.

There is a dandelion festival in Kihlepa each year, as well as a pig farm that shelters around 2,800 pigs. These pigs get turned into bacon and other foods through a process called farming. OÜ Lõpe Agro owns Kihlepa’s pig farm and makes much bacon out of this enterprise by producing pigs for the world famous Rakvere Lihakombinaat.

The main exports of Kihlepa include dandelions, pigs, hats and antique Faberge eggs. There is tourism in Kihlepa and also business to be had if you are in the pig trade. Tourist accommodation options include 6 places to stay of varying quality and size.

There has never been any fighting in Kihlepa and people are mostly happy.

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